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About Us


What do we do?

Academic-artists stems from the same notion as "Student-Athletes". A.R.T.S Foundation provides resources to expand the average academic- artists audience, refining their portfolios/ skillsets and providing uniquely defined internships with on the job training.

Who are we?

We partner with school districts, organizations and S.T.E.M mentors to provide academic-artists with opportunities to be in professional environments prior to traditional access.

Core Values

  • FUN: As a youth-led organization, we pride ourselves on creating an environment that counter-acts the laborious nature of traditional S.T.E.M education

  • Collaboration: we partner with existing organizations to give academic- artists access to Subject Matter Experts

  • Diversity & Inclusion: we come from all walks of life, industries, experience and education- levels to help encourage academic-artists to make well informed decisions

  • Innovation: utilizing project-based internships we expose academic- artists to strategic and effective planning strategies

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