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Youth Empowerment


What is ARTSF?

Academic-artists Reaching Towards Success  Foundation (ARTSF) Inc stems its name from the same concept of "student-athlete".


Essentially, academic-artists receive the same support as your traditional student athlete would but instead of focusing on athletics, art is the focal point.


As a youth-led organization, we challenge barriers of racism and cycles of poverty, providing educational, employment and creative opportunity, mentorship, technical capacity and skills of craft, as well as the social and emotional competency to restore balance, natural aspiration and vision to inner-city families.


Our holistic approach provides a safe physical space, quality staff and skilled mentorship. Our forward-leaning programming disrupts historical underrepresentation of people or color, providing a scaffolding of support from which young people will rise.

We support inner-city youth, many of whom will be first-generation college students, feel at home in spaces of higher education and professional achievement in the arts and sciences.

Who are we?

We are collective of BIPOC

artists, creatives and philanthropists who partner with professional artists, school districts, organizations and S.T.E.M mentors to provide academic-artists with opportunities to be in professional environments prior to traditional access.

Core Values

  • FUN: As a youth-led organization, we pride ourselves on creating an environment that counter-acts the laborious nature of traditional S.T.E.M education; education through application

  • Collaboration: we partner with existing organizations to give academic-artists access to Subject Matter Experts

  • Diversity & Inclusion: we come from all walks of life, industries, experience and education- levels to help encourage academic-artists to make well informed decisions

  • Innovation: utilizing project-based internships we expose academic- artists to strategic and effective planning strategies

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